Did you hear about the suspension of the diplomatic relation with Qatar? The United Arab Emirates authorities made that announcement. This suspension includes the enclosure of all the sea and air entry points among the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. But to avoid any troubles, make sure to talk to your airline or travel company before your travel plans to the United Arab Emirates, as there are several more restrictions over traveling and residency of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar nationals. Even if you are a British national that holds Qatari nationality and you want to pass through or come into the United Arab Emirates, there will be some normal entry requirements that will be applied.

Normal entry requirements to the United Arab Emirates

For the starters, make sure to consider the checking of all your legal documents and travel essentials with your travel agency. Following are a few of many entry requirements:


Being a British citizen and having a British passport can get your visitor’s visa on arrival in the United Arab Emirates. With a particular fee, visit visa extension can be done twice without exiting the country. You will get sixty additional days as one extension means you get thirty more days in the United Arab Emirates.

Working and living in the United Arab Emirates

 If you visit the United Arab Emirates, after a few days you might have plenty of time on your hand so you might consider working. In that case, you will need a probationary work permit from the Minister Of Labour of United Arab Emirates. They will grant the permit that will last up to three months and with that, you can easily job but if you are caught doing the job on a visit via without the permit, you will be jailed, heavily fined and deported from the United Arab Emirates.

Did you know that more than one million British passport holders visit the United Arab Emirates as their vacation destiny? Visits can be trouble free if you stay in the rules of the United Arab Emirates. As the United Arab Emirates is a Muslim country, they have strict laws and traditions and also very different from those in foreign.

Strict laws of the United Arab Emirates that might be legal in the United Kingdom

As a foreigner, you must know, UAE laws are very different in comparison to many nations. Be aware of your actions so you don’t end your visit either fined or imprisoned. And as a Muslim country, you have to be extra cautious in the holy month of Ramadan and also if you visit religious places. Importing of pork products and pornography into UAE is prohibited. The name of the drugs even might get you into an investigation that much it is prohibited in UAE. There is zero tolerance policy trafficking, smuggling, and possession of drugs. It can be lead you to go straight to prison. Even the smallest amount of drugs found in your possession can be the reason for imprisonment or fine.

UAE is definitely a very good visit spot as long as you follow all the advice.