Entry requirements of UAE for foreigners

Entry requirements of UAE for foreigners

In this piece, you will get traveling advices for foreigners, including what are the important requirements for British passport holders to enter in UAE. Make sure to check all of your entry requirements with your travel company for trouble-free entrance into UAE.


If you are a British passport holder then you can easily get visit visa on arrival in UAE. The purpose of this visit visa is to let you stay in UAE for thirty days. This visa gets canceled itself as soon as you depart UAE. The new visa is provided on arrival every time the visitor comes back to UAE.

A visitor can extend its visitor visa twice on a particular fee. Each visa change without exit from the UAE will be for thirty additional days. If you need any authentic information about your visa validity or visa expiry, you can interact with UAE immigration. If you have any other type of British nationality like British Overseas Citizen or British National Overseas so you will need to contact the nearest UAE embassy before you arrive in UAE.

Living and employment in the UAE

Once you have entered into Dubai on a visit visa and you feel like working during your visit then you must need to have a trial work permit, for as long as 3 months, from the Ministry of Labor. But if you don't get this license and are discovered working while on a visit visa, so you could be in danger of being imprisoned or fined and deported.

If you may apply for a residence visa, you will need to take a blood test. These blood tests are taken to check if people have HIV or hepatitis, and if the test results come positive, they are deported immediately. There is no appeal procedure for them.

For employment procedure, UAE employers might enquire passports from foreign employees as a portion in terms and conditions of the job.

Make sure to cancel your work visa before your exit from UAE permanently or you will be reported as an absconder and would surely be arrested if you ever return to UAE. If you failed to repay your debts so you will end up in imprisoned.

See some professional advice from your lawyer about your status before returning to the country.