Laws to keep in mind during your travel in UAE

Laws to keep in mind during your travel in UAE

With the beauty and maintenance of the UAE come certain legal rules. It’s not easy to keep a state maintained in the eye of the world. That’s why there are laws made that keep the state away from a messy reputation. But talking about UAE they have some weird laws, especially in Dubai. Not following the laws can get you arrested, fined or even deported from the country. If you don’t want to ruin your travel in Dubai or in any other state of UAE, then you have to follow these strange laws too.


We all are so used to swearing all the time, but if you don’t want to get arrested so do not swear while you are in UAE. Especially with the ‘F-word’. It is considered as a crime. According to Article 373 of the UAE penal code, if a person swore including the use of a forbidden word or waving the middle finger in public will result in jail for a year or longer and deportation. This is not just for doing it physically; a person cannot use the indecent emojis in a WhatsApp conversation neither can swear over texts. All this can lead to heavy fine, prison sentence or deportation. 

Checking someone’s phone

 We are causally used to checking our partner’s or best friend’s phone. Not anymore if you are in UAE. As it is extremely illegal to invade the privacy of other person either using their computer networks or social media. It can result in a minimum of 6-month jail and a fine of 500,000 Dhs.

A case was gone viral in which a wife was sending some of her pictures on her phone from her husband’s phone and later she accused him of having an affair which resulted in women paying 150,000 Dhs and getting deported from UAE.

Eating or drinking on public transport   

No, you can’t eat or drink anything on public transport and their stations. Not even on pedestrian crossings, buses or metros. If you get caught disrespecting this law, your wallet will get 100 Dhs lighter.

Carrying food containing poppy seeds

As believed poppy seeds are a source of opium and heroin, which both are addictive drugs? Therefore, they are banned in the UAE. Avoid using edible that has poppy seeds or else if you got caught having poppy seeds with you; you will be arrested and sent to jail. Before getting yourself into trouble like these, take all details from any Travel Agency in Abu Dhabi , as they will give you the perfect guidance.

Taking photos of people without their permission

UAE is a state where privacy is everything. It is very strict towards privacy matters. So, taking pictures of locals or anyone without their permission is considered a serious crime. And not just this if the images are further posted on social media grounds, according to cyber-crime laws, you can be sentenced jail for a minimum of six months and fine up to 500,000 Dhs.

UAE is a beautiful place to visit until you follow the rules they have. Or else it won’t take much for your vacations to go ugly.