Must followed laws in UAE by British nationals

Must followed laws in UAE by British nationals

UAE is a very fascinating spot for a foreign visitor and that’s why around 1.5 million British nationals visit UAE annually.  But to experience the best of what the UAE has to offer, you need to look after your actions. As a British national you must not find few things illegal but they might be in UAE.  As a Muslim country, there might be serious penalties for attempting any of the following acts. Following are the local rules and customs of UAE that you might familiarize yourself with before your visit.

Importing certain goods

Importing Pork products and pornography in the UK isn’t illegal but they are strictly prohibited in UAE. Any material related to pornography published in magazines or books or videos gets censored.


Usage of drugs in the UK is common. They are either used for addiction or as medicines mostly. But unless you have any permit or prescription, you will be imprisoned for the usage of even a little amount of drugs in UAE. In the UAE, possessions of drugs are severe cases which include the death penalty, heavy fine, or even a lifetime jail sentence. Even some herbal highs are illegal in the UAE. Some foreigners do try taking drugs into UAE but its airport has a tremendous security system that results in the imprisonment of those foreigners. Even if it’s an airport to airport visa change, security will catch the drugs possession somehow.  This tells that there is a zero tolerance policy for drugs in the UAE.

Liquor consumption

Being a Muslim country, alcohol consumption is prohibited publically. Unless you have a liquor license that allows non-Muslim residents to drink at homes. Non-Muslim residents can drink alcohol at licensed places but they still require a permit to even drink at licensed venues, like hotels, restaurants, and clubs. And British nationals must know that they can get arrested for drinking or affected by alcohol in broad daylight. Though the legal age for consuming alcohol is 18 in Abu Dhabi Ministry of Tourism law forbade the serving of alcohol in hotels to people younger than the age of 21. Besides the emirates of Sharjah, all the other emirates minimum drinking age is 21, as consuming alcohol in Sharjah is prohibited.

 Dress code

To take care of the dress code is very important for British nationals as they usually wear clothes that reveal most of the body parts, which is not allowed in the UAE. Women need to dress modestly and cover their arms and legs when in public places like malls. Swimming suits can only be worn on beaches.


It is a habit for hotels and lodges in UAE to keep the copy of your passport or Emirates ID so you can’t stay in a hotel if you aren’t 18 or else you must be with an adult to get into the hotel.

Relationships outside marriage

It is so common to have a relationship outside marriage in the UK. But you can’t carry any relationship outside marriage in UAE. It is illegal for the residents or even visitors to sleep with anyone other than your husband/wife. If any UAE authorities caught you having sexual relations with anyone outside marriage, you can be fined, imprisoned or deported too.

To have a wonderful experience in UAE, make sure you follow their laws.