Long-term student visa

Good news for bright and outstanding students, that last year on 24th November United Arab Emirates made a decision about granting 5-year visa for such students. But obviously, there are certain eligibility criteria for a 5-year student visa. 

Eligibility conditions

•    School student must have a grade of at least 95 percent from their secondary schools no matter if they are public or private.

•    For a university student, you must have been graduated with a GPA of a minimum of 3.75 from universities inside or outside the country.

This five-year student visa will not only benefit the students but the families of the students too, which makes student visa also cheap UAE visa.

Whom Student visas are for?

These visas are specifically for university or college students that are studying in the United Arab Emirates. They are provided to send students who are currently living in the United Arab Emirates within the sponsorship of their parents or relatives, or to any foreign international students that come to the United Arab Emirates to join any higher educational institutes in the United Arab Emirates.

Main requirements of a student’s visa

To obtain a freshman student’s visa, the student must get an official admission letter from the university he is currently studying. A certificate of continuation of study will be needed for older students. Other key requirements include:

•    Getting passed at a medical fitness test

•    A university, a parent or a relative sponsoring the applicant

•    Approval by General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA)

What is the term of validity of the student's visa?

The duration of the student visa is one year for the time being. It can be renewed for the same period of time after an official letter as proof for the continuation of the study provided by

the specific educational institute in the UAE where the applicant must be studying currently.

Who can provide a student's visa?

Student’s visa can be obtained by either the residents of the United Arab Emirates sponsoring the applicant or by the college or university the applicant is studying in. Visa authorities process visa applications represented by the specific General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in every emirate.

How can universities and colleges secure a visa for their students?

Authorized universities or colleges in the UAE can get the student visa for their students either international or currently living in UAE. Students must go through the terms and conditions of every university or college so they know the specific requirements for admission and visa procedure.

How can UAE expatriate residents secure a student’s visa for their children?

Under UAE law, it is not allowed to a non-native resident to keep sponsoring their male kid above the age of 18. Male students can continue studies over their parent’s residence visa sponsorship once they give proof of attendance at an educational institute for at least one year’s course. Non-native parents can continue to sponsor their female child to study, regardless of their kid’s age.