Things to know about UAE culture before you travel there

Things to know about UAE culture before you travel there

UAE is federation of seven more countries, which includes the lovely Abu Dhabi. What a breathtaking place UAE is. It has Incredible Beaches, delicious cuisines, luxuries hotels, and beautiful architectures.  But obviously they have a culture to be followed and we suggest you to have a look at things you must know about UAE before you get into any mess.


•    Keep it traditional

The UAE is established in Islamic customs, so even in cosmopolitan Dubai. Like the long-lasting Dubai natives do and regard the way of life by dressing humbly. People should wear apparel that covers the top points of arms and legs, including the knees.

•    Public Display of Affection

You might get arrested for much else private than holding hands in daylight, and it's illegal to have a similar hotel with somebody of the contrary gender except if you're hitched or firmly related. Remember that gay sex is unlawful and, in the event that you can get in prison, can prompt detainment, fines, and extradition. In case you're gay and going with your partner, book a hotel with two beds. These special instructions are given by your Travel agency Abu Dhabi so you don’t get into any mess.

•    Pray pause

Muslims prays five times each day, and you can hear the pleasant, melodious call to supplication communicate from adjacent mosques. Listen and appreciate, however past that, there are no desires for non-Muslims. The small shopkeeper may close within prayer times.

•    Double-check your medications

The UAE has exacting, zero-resilience against medication laws, and careful hunts are led at its air terminals. Indeed, even prescriptions that are over-the-counter in certain nations those that contain codeine, for instance, could get you captured. Check the restricted - substances list from a UAE office or government office. Furthermore, dependably convey a specialist's medicine for any drug you're bringing into the UAE.


 •    It’s sizzling hot

The UAE climate is always sizzling hot. It has deserts so even in winters it’s rare to experience any cool breeze. The hottest months of the year in UAE are July and August,

When the temperature in the UAE comes around 106F.

•    Timing is everything

The most suitable time to visit UAE from December to February when the temperature settles down a bit. But definitely this time of the year the hotels and flights are the most expensive. The season of May till September, UAE offers less heat and hotels might be cheaper.


As good as gold

The official currency of UAE is Dirham. All credit and debit cards are accepted all over the nation. But make sure to have cash with you to shop at local shops.


Giving tip is not expected but common practice. Restaurants usually add a service charge to the total bill, but if the bill doesn’t charge anything like that, then simply give 10% to the total bill. That 10% of service charge is distributed among all the restaurant stuff not only just waiters stuff.

UAE is a beautiful place to visit, and you will have a great time here if you follow its culture.