In here, you will get all the relevant information about transit visas of UAE. There are two kinds of transit visas that UAE issue. One of which is for 48 hours that is free of cost and the other is for 96 hours for a low price that is 50 AED only. Transit visas can only be sponsored by the UAE founded airlines. The visa issued by them must be processed and accepted before your entrance in UAE. None of the transit visas can be extended further than their limit.

Who needs a transit visa?

You might not be one of the lucky nationals that are qualified for visa on arrival and for a free entry visa to UAE. So you will need a transit visa.

Who can apply for your transit visa?

If you are traveling through any UAE based travel airline then your transit visa can be arranged earlier than your journey. If your travels are arranged by a travel agency, then the agents can get you the visa too, but all visas are provided through the airline. If airline agents want, they can also apply online through different online channels provided by the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in every emirate.

The time span of the transit visa

The time spans of transit visas are fixed. Either they can be of 48 hours or for 96 hours. Keep in mind that a 48-hour visa can’t be prolonged to 96 hours visa.

48-hours Transit Visa

This 48-hours transit visa is issued free to passengers that will pass through UAE airports. But you have to apply for a visa earlier through UAE founded airlines. This visa won’t be prolonged or renewed. The time span of this visa is 48 hours, and you need to leave UAE within 48hours of arrival. 

To obtain a 48-hour transit visa, you must have:

•    A passport or any other travel document that must be valid for the next three months.

•    A picture of yourself with a white background

•    And another ticket booking for your next destination other than the one you are coming from


96-hours transit visa

This transit visa is issued for 96-hours and given against a price of 50 AED. This is a very cheap UAE Visa, in comparison to other visas. Visa is issued to travelers passing through UAE airports after the payment is done. This visa can’t be extended or renewed. The entry time in UAE for passengers is 96-hours. Make sure you leave UAE, within the time span of 96-hours.

To obtain a 96-hours transit visa, you need to have:

•    A passport or any travel document that must be valid for the next six months

•    A picture of yourself with a white background

•    And a ticket booking of the next destination you will go to other than the place you are coming from.

Important Note

Any federal, local or private entity can’t force upon any fees or additional charges. The only departure fee every passenger transiting through UAE airports must pay is AED 30.