Get your Oman VISA changed simply by the following procedure.

              Oman is one of the tourist hub of Middle East; moreover, it is a place that people seek to for the employment. Whether people look for the employment visa or the want to have fun with family and friends and want to extend their stay, they need to get their visa change that is necessary. And what if you get your Oman visa extended with a pocket friendly price? You just have to do a little research and plan so that your visa change can be less stressful. The ins and outs of the respective procedure needs to be identified to highlight the insight of how the process can be fulfilled within 1 to 2 business days. The Oman visa change can be done in two ways such as: by bus and by air. In the Oman visa change three important steps are observed in terms of border run entitles such as: getting an exit stamp on the passport, on the arrival at Oman border receiving an entry stamp and then re-entering in UAE along with the Oman exit stamp on the passport. Moreover, the important documents required for the travel are as follows: a valid passport for six months, a clear passport sized photograph along with the white background, a valid visa for Oman and the cancellation papers if an individual consisted of UAE residence or employment visa.Moreover, on reaching the Oman border, an individual has to pay a certain border fee of about 40 AED. After this the passport will be stamped along with the Oman visa. This visa seems to be valid for the 30 days that allows the individuals to enter once, that means once an individual goes for Oman exitthe visa will not be valid and will not be able to enter Oman along with the same visa. However, getting failed in exiting the country will charge overstay fine for each day.